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Hi, My name is Katie and I am a self taught artist. I have this blog to show everyone my work and to learn some new things along the way. I hope to one day turn this into my dream job. So please, Follow me and feel free to say hello!

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quick drawing tutorial from my knowledge of college life drawing just CONDENSED. If anyone wants to add tips of their own to the bottom of the piece, feel free!! Doing this is great way to break out of art block and loosen up your drawing style.


Exercise 27: Candy StudyCheck out our sweet new exercise on studying candy and how it treats lighting HERE!


Exercise 27: Candy Study
Check out our sweet new exercise on studying candy and how it treats lighting HERE!

HOLY CRAP! I did not expect to be getting so many notes on my” No thigh gap, no problem” piece. I am in shock and its in a good way.

I just sat there with my mouth open like … that’s over 700 people who liked MY art. That’s amazing! 

Thank you guys so much for your support. 

Following me. Reblogging. Liking my stuff.

It means so much to me. I hope to get back to drawing soon. Got a few ideas. 

- Katie

Anonymous said: what is an effective way of practicing drawing?


Well the most effective way of practicing drawing accurately (in terms of details especially) is of course constant practice from life drawings/real people/places/etc. I’m not going to go into TOO much detail because you can look this up after you read what I say, and after all, I feel bad giving away all this knowledge that the school gets paid to do. It’s like illegal freebies. But I’m going off my own opinion + what they taught me.

You’ll have to practice this and conduct your own research to know exactly how to do it.

It’s all under the cut. I assure you, it’s really long so I can’t really… not under the cut it.

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I don’t know if anyone can tell but I don’t normally reblog things from other people. I’ve always kept it strictly my art and nothing else for the past couple years. But yesterday I decided to make a couple changes and now I have a art tag right on my page for those who want to see my art. 

And now this gives me the freedom to keep my art organized and be able to reblog things at the same time.

I’m one of many out there who are self taught artists. The people who have little to no training at all. Its tough because we have to go by what we find online. From step by step drawing tutorials to videos on youtube, it can be difficult so I will be posting some things I find on here that I find are helpful for not only me but to others as well. 

(: Anyways. Here we go.

- Kit


SUPER SECRET tip for INSTANTLY improving your drawings - people sketching - episode 6 by Will Terrell


Common Beginners Errors on Constructing the Face


Common Beginners Errors on Constructing the Face